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Oslo, the Puppetry Festival also stages Pulcinella

Oslo, al Festival dei Burattini anche Pulcinella
Oslo, al Festival dei Burattini anche Pulcinella

Within the framework of the “Figur i Fossekleiva” puppetry festival and in cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo, Bruno Leone offers a course for actors on “Pulcinella”, the Commedia dell’Arte and marionette theater character created in Campania. Pulcinella is the “man in the street” who always manages to escape death. He challenges authorities, arrogance, and fear. He is far from being a hero and is a commoner.

The Pulcinella performance uses traditional techniques and is full of humor, history, satire, and music. The character can also be found in other Countries in different versions in the figure of “Punch” in the British tradition, while in France he is known as “Guignol”. The Neapolitan puppetry tradition and marionette theater was created in the 16th century and was known as “guarattelle”, a derivation of “guarattino” or puppet, and Bruno Leone is one of today’s leading puppetry masters and is called by countries in all of Europe to teach puppetry and street theater techniques. Bruno Leone’s course is scheduled for 12 August.