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“Italian Wine Fair” in Brasilia

A Brasilia il “Salone del vino italiano”
A Brasilia il “Salone del vino italiano”

The Italian Embassy in Brasilia is hosting the “Salone del vino italiano in Brasile” [Italian Wine Fair in Brazil], which consists of two events this year: a conference on the trade relations between the two Countries in the sector, and an evening of Italian wine tasting.

Ambassador Francesco Azzarello said: “The aim is to promote the growth of the culture of wine in a Country dominated by beer, where wine is not considered food and is therefore subject to excessive taxation. An evening of the event is also dedicated to the increasingly popular producers of the Italian-Brazilian community, the main way to spread local culture in a sector with huge growth potential.” The Ambassador added: “We are also trying to promote more wine and food pairings between Italian wines and Brazilian recipes, and Italian-Brazilian wines and Italian recipes, an experiment launched in 2021 that sparked great interest and appreciation.”

The first day of the event will kick off with a conference on the wine market in Brazil and its connections with Italy; speakers are Felipe Galtaroça, founder of the consulting company Ideal Consulting, and Diego Bertolini, creator of the EducaVinhos platform. This will be followed by Italian-Brazilian wines and sparkling wines tasting, paired with Italian imported cheese and cured meats, with an in-depth booklet on the products offered and some traditional Italian recipes that can be easily made by the Brazilian public.

The second evening is dedicated to Italian wine tasting: 17 of the Country’s leading importers offer 181 labels, paired with Brazil’s increasingly award-winning cheese and cold cuts.

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