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“Retour en Italie”: the Italian cinema in Montreal

“Retour en Italie”, il cinema italiano a Montréal
“Retour en Italie”, il cinema italiano a Montréal

“Retour en Italie” is a cycle of films, born from the collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal and the Cinéma du Musée, dedicated to new productions of Italian cinema. This selection offers four films, the latest works of directors who have made the history of Italian cinema such as Mario Martone (Nostalgia), Emanuele Crialese (L’immensità), Emma Dante (Le sorelle Macaluso) and Roberto Andò (Il bambino nascosto).

The films will be shown – one per month (from 5 January to 6 April) – in their original language, with French and English subtitles, at the Cinéma du Musée in Montreal.

This programme shows how Italian cinema knows, today as yesterday, how to challenge us, move us and make us laugh.


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