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RéCIF: the network of Italian researchers in France

RECIF la rete di ricercatori italiani a Parigi
RECIF la rete di ricercatori italiani a Parigi

On the occasion of the Day of Italian Research in the World, the Consulate General of Italy in Paris has made a video on the reality of Italian researchers working in France. In the video the President of RéCIF (Réseau des Chercheurs Italiens en France), Rossana De Angelis, explains that the association was set up in 2014 as a network of people, ideas and projects, created with the aim of bringing together Italian researchers and professionals working in France in the fields of research, business and culture.

In the interview, President De Angelis explains that “RéCIF’s objectives are threefold: the first is to enhance Italian researchers working in France, and in order to do this, RéCIF has built strong ties with Italian institutions present in the country, such as the Italian Embassy in Paris, the Consulate, the Maison d’Italie and the Italian Cultural Institute”.

“The second objective – she adds – is scientific popularisation, to rebuild the links between science and society. In recent years we have seen how science can rebuild the dialogue between medicine, the economy, and society, and this is the reason why RéCIF is committed to enhancing scientific thought by organising thematic popularisation events” relating to the worlds of Research, Business, and Culture. “The third objective – she concludes – is to accompany young Italian researchers to orient themselves in a system with which they are not familiar”, providing information on how to support research, and on finding internships and activities in public and private organisations.



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