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Norway, Arctic marine geophysics campaign kicks off

Norvegia, al via campagna artica di geofisica marina
Norvegia, al via campagna artica di geofisica marina

The Italian Ambassador to Norway, Stefano Nicoletti, took part in the inauguration of the Arctic marine geophysics campaign of the Italian Navy’s Hydrographic Institute,High North 2023”, now in its seventh year. The occasion saw the ship Alliance set sail from Tromsø, Northern Norway.

Ambassador Nicoletti was welcomed on board the ship by Rear Admiral Massimiliano Nannini, Director of the Italian Navy’s Hydrographic Institute, by the Commander of the ship Alliance, Frigate Captain Federico Carleo, and by the Campaign’s Scientific Director, Frigate Captain Maurizio Demarte.

With the start of the campaign, the Navy’s commitment in terms of presence and scientific research in the Arctic Sea is therefore reaffirmed. Together with the 44 crew members, scientific teams will also operate, alternating during the various phases of the planned research activities.

In the polar waters, the researchers on board will carry out measurements of the main physical parameters of the marine ecosystem, and of the speed of sound propagation in water, as well as geochemical analyses, bathythermographic surveys, bathymetry and meteorology surveys. They will also study the impact of human activities in the Arctic Sea, also considering the presence of microplastics in water. They will then continue the exploration of unknown seabeds, sharing the information acquired with the “International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean” (IBCAO) and SEABED2030 projects. An activity that is becoming increasingly relevant and strategic, also in the framework of the current situation of geopolitical tensions.


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