Gentiloni, Ue apra capitoli negoziali entro l'anno
Gentiloni, Ue apra capitoli negoziali entro l'anno''Non si puo' tenere fermo un percorso cosi' rilevante''

The Interview

Gentiloni: Europe risks ignoring threat from south, warns Italy Minister Paolo Gentiloni interviewed by the Financial Times newspaper


Farnesina welcomes resolutions on situation in Libya
Farnesina welcomes resolutions on situation in Libya UNSMIL’s mandate extended and growing terrorist threat in the country addressed


60th Anniversary of Italy's United Nations Membership
60th Anniversary of Italy's United Nations Membership1955-2015: a long history of collaboration, support and impetus for UN activities

Diplomazia e Dintorni

How diplomats negotiate: the art and science of negotiatingBroadcast on Radio LUISS at 20.00 on Tuesday 31 March 2015

Travel in Crisis Areas

For your safety
For your safetyTravel in crisis areas, especially where armed or violent conflict in under way, carries serious safety risks. It is often impossible to intervene in those regions to bring assistance in cases of difficulty. Please keep well in mind before leaving that you, first and foremost, are responsible for your own safety


GermaniaRichiesta finanziamento Ue da 2,8 mld per infrastrutture

Diplomacy Network

Argentina“Indie” film festival celebrates Monicelli

Istituti di Cultura

Scadenza 25 aprile 2015Avviso selezione esperto Istituto Italiano di Cultura Il Cairo
Scadenza 3 aprile 2015Avviso conferimento incarico direttore Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlino
Info Mercati Esteri
Info Mercati EsteriSupport for business internationalisation: information on foreign markets for Italian businesses
Italiani all’estero
Italiani all’esteroElezione ‘Comites’, i Comitati degli Italiani all’Estero: chi, come, quando si vota. Informazioni e riferimenti normativi
Expo Milano 2015
Expo Milano 2015An original and innovative Universal Exposition with the highly topical theme: ‘Nourish the Planet, Energy for Life’
The Diplomatic Network
The Diplomatic NetworkAll the offices of the foreign ministry abroad: Embassies, Consulates, Permanent Missions and Italian Cultural Institutes