Combating terrorism

Gentiloni in Paris
Gentiloni in ParisBroadcast on TG1: The ministers of the anti-terrorism coalition discuss the strategy to combat ISI and Italy’s contribution through UNESCO to protect archaeological sites

Diplomacy for Growth

“System Italy” in Bergamo
“System Italy” in Bergamo Minister Paolo Gentiloni will open the “Italy for Business” Roadshow


Baviera dà benvenuto a Presidente del Consiglio Renzi
Baviera dà benvenuto a Presidente del Consiglio RenziIl castello di Neuschwanstein risplende nei colori della bandiera italiana


Mario Schifano a Podgorica
Mario Schifano a PodgoricaIn occasione del 2 giugno una mostra di uno degli artisti più rappresentativi dell'arte contemporanea italiana

Expo: The Milan Charter

Sign it and share it
Sign it and share itSigning the Milan Charter is a way to actively participate in building a different and better future for our planet.

Transparent accounts

The Farnesina’s accounts – accessible and easy to understand
The Farnesina’s accounts – accessible and easy to understand A new approach illustrated today at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation by Deputy Minister Lapo Pistelli
Video: The new section of the MFAIC’s portal dedicated to “Transparent Accounts”
Video: The new section of the MFAIC’s portal dedicated to “Transparent Accounts”Making financial data easy for everyone to understand, thanks to new graphics


VietnamIntesa ACIMIT- Università HCMC per sviluppo meccanica tessile

Rete diplomatica

Italia-Kazakistan La diplomazia passa per l'equitazione
UguruayAl via mostra su "Identidad desaparecida"

Travel in Crisis Areas

For your safety
For your safetyTravel in crisis areas, especially where armed or violent conflict in under way, carries serious safety risks. It is often impossible to intervene in those regions to bring assistance in cases of difficulty. Please keep well in mind before leaving that you, first and foremost, are responsible for your own safety
Info Mercati Esteri
Info Mercati EsteriSupport for business internationalisation: information on foreign markets for Italian businesses
Italy with the Un
Italy with the Un60th Anniversary of Italy's United Nations Membership: 1955-2015 a long history of collaboration, support and impetus for UN activities
Expo Milano 2015
Expo Milano 2015An original and innovative Universal Exposition with the highly topical theme: ‘Nourish the Planet, Energy for Life’
The Diplomatic Network
The Diplomatic NetworkAll the offices of the foreign ministry abroad: Embassies, Consulates, Permanent Missions and Italian Cultural Institutes