European Union

Gentiloni in Riga for the Gymnich summit
Gentiloni in Riga for the Gymnich summitFocus on situation in Libya, Ukraine and EU-Russia relations

Gentiloni in Parliament

Video – Schengen Committee
Video – Schengen CommitteeInternational migration policies


Video - Global Health and post-2015 Agenda
Video - Global Health and post-2015 Agenda “Italy and the Future Challenges to Global Health”, international conference at the Farnesina
Video - “Nexus” for sustainable development
Video - “Nexus” for sustainable development Seminar organised by Italian Development Cooperation and the Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA)

UN: Italy to the Security Council

Italy 2017 - 2018 Candidate to the United Security Council
Italy 2017 - 2018 Candidate to the United Security CouncilIn July 2009 Italy presented its candidacy for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for the 2017-2018 term


Tokyo"Food, Health and Sustainable Agricultural Development: Local and Global Answers"

Travel in Crisis Areas

For your safety
For your safetyTravel in crisis areas, especially where armed or violent conflict in under way, carries serious safety risks. It is often impossible to intervene in those regions to bring assistance in cases of difficulty. Please keep well in mind before leaving that you, first and foremost, are responsible for your own safety


Video: The green heart of diplomacy
Video: The green heart of diplomacyThe Green Embassy Forum in Rome (FOAV Roma)


Roadshow for Business visits Monza
Roadshow for Business visits Monza 350 firms meet institutions and business support organisations
Arabia SauditaForum a Jazan per rilancio economia Regione

Diplomatic Network

Bucharest Italian-speakers’ card awarded to 30 Romanian personalities


London The Italian Embassy goes green

Translations: new competition

Deadline 31 March 2015Incentive for the translation, dubbing and sub-titling of Italian works
Info Mercati Esteri
Info Mercati EsteriSupport for business internationalisation: information on foreign markets for Italian businesses
Italiani all’estero
Italiani all’esteroElezione ‘Comites’, i Comitati degli Italiani all’Estero: chi, come, quando si vota. Informazioni e riferimenti normativi
Expo Milano 2015
Expo Milano 2015An original and innovative Universal Exposition with the highly topical theme: ‘Nourish the Planet, Energy for Life’
The Diplomatic Network
The Diplomatic NetworkAll the offices of the foreign ministry abroad: Embassies, Consulates, Permanent Missions and Italian Cultural Institutes