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Analysis, Programming Statistical and Historic Documentation Unit

The Unit is structured into three components: the first corresponds to the original survey and programming office and performs analyses, research and studies; the second performs the functions of a statistical office within the National Statistical System; and the third corresponds to the former Historical Documentation Unit and Archive

Internationalistic Agencies and Accounting

The Office, acting within the scope of its study and planning functions, is responsible for a series of publications analysing the main trends involved in international developments >>

Office for Studies and Event Organisation

The MAECI contributes to the activity of the Agencies performing research on internationalism through ordinary contributions to the budget of the Agencies included in the ad hoc triennial table >>

Historical Diplomatic Documentation

The Historical Diplomatic Archive is in charge of preserving, reordering and making an inventory of the historical diplomatic documentation produced by the Offices of the Ministry and by the diplomatic and consular offices abroad >>


The Library is in charge of the stock of books and the newspaper and periodical library (historical and current) and provides a service to the public, bother internal and externa >>

Publication of Italian Diplomatic Documents

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation publishes its official diplomatic documents into two series: “I Documenti Diplomatici Italiani” (DDI) and “Documenti sulla Politica Internazionale Italiana” (DPII) >>

Italy’s Foreign Policy: texts and documents

These pages contain texts, documents and deeds connected to Italy’s foreign policy >>

Foreign Policy and History: documents and images of Italian Diplomacy

Through the portal Foreign Policy and History: documents and images of Italian Diplomacy, the Foreign Ministry has wanted to shed light on its cultural heritage, giving access to volumes of documents of Italian diplomacy published to date, the exhibitions that displayed the original documents from the Historic Diplomatic Archive and some valuable publications kept in the Library. >>


The Section carries out the functions of the Statistics Office in accordance with Legislative Decree 322/89; it manages relations with ISTAT, Italy’s National Statistics Office, and SISTAN, the National Statistics System, ensuring that the Ministry takes part in the various projects and surveys required.. >>