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Moscow: Coordination meeting for Italian Cultural Institutes in Eastern Europe

The meeting of the directors of the Italian Cultural Institutes in Eastern Europe opened in Moscow on 19 April 2012, to coordinate the Institutes’ promotional initiatives in the region. Taking part are the directors of the Institutes in Sofia, Vilnius, Warsaw, Cracow, Bucharest, Kiev and Moscow itself.

The proceedings are being chaired by the Principal Director for the promotion of the Italian Language and Culture, Vincenza Lomonaco. Also participating are the Italian Ambassador to Moscow, Antonio Zanardi Landi; the Counsellor for Cultural Relations, Federica Olivares; and the Deputy Principal Director for the Promotion of the Italian Language and Culture, Massimo Riccardo.

Three days of meetings

The meeting, which continues until 21 April, will enable exchanges of views and information, the aim being to better coordinate the cultural promotion work performed by our Cultural Institutes in Eastern Europe. Another goal is to identify new models for action inspired by the Year of Italian Culture and Language staged in Russia in 2011. The decision to hold the meeting in Moscow testifies to the importance Italy attributes to Russia in a region that has always held great importance in the promotion of the Italian language and culture.