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Diplomazia “On air” – Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is a multilateral organisation responsible for multiple tasks that range from conflict and crisis prevention/management to meeting global security challenges such as terrorism and illegal trafficking, bolstering democracy and the rule of law and environmental protection. The 57 member-state organisation’s aim is to create an area of security, prosperity and democracy “from Vancouver to Vladivostok” through a dialogue, its Vienna and Warsaw institutions and its network of missions and offices in the Balkans and Central Asia.

Major training and job opportunities

The Vienna-based organisation offers major training and job opportunities to young people interested in having an “international experience” and willing to take a chance and share their expertise in the service of peace and democratic institutional development.

“Diplomazia e Dintorni”

The 24th segment of “Diplomazia e Dintorni” will be an occasion to better understand the complexity of the OSCE mission and “modus operandi”, along with the various work opportunities its offers. Stefano Baldi will interview Piero Vaira,acting head of Office VI (OSCE) of the Foreign Ministry’s Directorate General for Multilateral Political Affairs and Security.

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