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Longitude: Obama, “Sweating the deal”

An exhausted Barak Obama wipes his brow after a hard-fought agreement with Russia on Syria, is pictured on the cover of the new issue of Longitude, the geo-political magazine directed by Pialuisa Bianco. Other topics highlighted on the cover include the recent “de-globalization” being undertaken in America, Japan and its future and poaching in Africa.

Obama the “Sphinx” T

he cover article, which speaks of a “sphinx on the loose in Washington”, analyses Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East and the United States’ true face in the Syrian crisis. A map of civil war in Syria and other analyses follow.

De-globalized manufacturing

The phenomenon defined as “de-globalization”, under way for some years now, is considered the latest global market phase, which sees American firms and having learned from Chinese fast-manufacturing and gone back to manufacturing at home. American and Italian analysts examine the effects of the phenomenon on the U.S. and global market.

Japan, energy issues and strategic role in Syria

After years of stagnation, the Japanese economy seems to finally to be steering toward recovery, and with it Japanese spirits are turning optimistic about the future. This is the theme of Deputy Foreign Minister Marta Dassù’s “Japan’s come back”; “Sands shift around Europe’s energy sector” by ENI CEO Paolo Scaroni explains how the time has come for Europe to change its energy approach; and Pialuisa Bianco’s editorial “Into Putin’s hands” studies the international strategic situation after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first round victory on Syria.

Hong Kong, Lebanon and secret services

This issue’s “Widescreen” section offers a photographic history of late 19th century Hong Kong; “Talking Heads” listens to the secret services chiefs of the U.S., China, Israel, France and Russia on the chemical weapons situation in Syria; along with the European Union, a glance at Lebanon and a section dedicated to the BRICS. The issue closes with the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Read more, in Italian.