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Bonino in London – Women in politics, a difficult life the world over

Immigration, women and politics, Datagate – Minister Emma Bonino touched a lot of bases in an interview for the BBC within the context of “100 Women”, a day dedicated to discussion and encounter on present and future challenges in which 100 representatives from around the world took part, all distinguished for their character and commitment in various sectors.

Women in politics, a difficult life the world over

“Wherever you are in the world, women in politics do not have an easy life”, the minister stressed, who had a working lunch in London with her British colleague Hague, adding that progress had been made in Italy but that much remained to be done. On this point, she expressed appreciation for her colleague, Minister for Integration Cecile Kyenge, who “is very courageous” and “is changing Italy”, while “paying a very high price”, “being insulted on a daily basis”.

Datagate: important a unified EU reaction

Moving on to current events, in the case of Datagate the minister underscored the importance that all 28 EU Members “respond in a single voice that demands clarification”. She then pointed out that “from the information we have it does not appear that Italy is involved”. The minister then confirmed that the topic was touched upon with US Secretary of State John Kerry during his recent visit to Rome. Kerry “recognizes the problem and reported that President Obama is determined to confront it”.

Immigration: Europe must share responsibility

No one has “a miraculous solution” to immigration, but the southern coasts of Europe must be the “shared responsibility” of all EU Member States.

Murder of Italian in UK: delinquency everywhere

Regarding the violent episode that led to the death of Italian national Joele Leotta, who was beaten to death in England, it was “one of those dramatic incidents of delinquency that exist everywhere, not only in Italy”, the minister commented to ANSA. “There is a lesson here”, she said, expressing her hope in a rapid resolution to the case, “this type of attitude is not limited to certain places alone”.