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Fight against anti-personnel mines

Italy’s concern over the violations of the Ottawa Convention on Anti-Personnel Mines by some member states was reasserted by Italian Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament Ambassador Vinicio Mati, who spoke at the annual meeting of the states parties to the convention, which was signed in 1997 in that Canadian city and is aimed at eliminating the use of anti-personnel mines the world over.

Indiscriminate use of anti-personnel mines against civilians violates international law, says Mati

During the annual meeting of states parties held on 5 December in Geneva, Ambassador Mati expressed Italian concern over confirmed violations of the Convention by some member states, recalling the need for necessary investigation and for eventual violations, and those responsible for them, to be revealed in accordance with the obligations of the treaty.

Ambassador Mati reaffirmed Italy’s condemnation of the indiscriminate use of such weaponry, particularly against civilian populations, as an unacceptable violation of international humanitarian law. The diplomat also reminded his colleagues of the obligations underwritten by member states in terms of the prohibition of the use, production, possession and transfer of anti-personnel mines and regarding their destruction. He then called for a determined effort on the part of the international community toward an ever broader adhesion to the convention.

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