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Mogherini, Europe as a response to many problems

The minimal level of response to many problems is the Europeanone, said Federica Mogherini during a Conference on Europe held in Florence.

Sunday’s three elections will affect our future

The 25th of May is a symbolic date, with voters turning out in the European Union, Ukraine and Egypt, the minister pointed out. All three outcomes will have a very strong impact on our present and on our future, she said. Referring to the European vote, she added thatchanges in our continent’s economic policies would hinge on the 25 May vote, most importantly in terms of greater flexibility toward investments.

Stati Generali della lingua italiana to meet in Florence

The minister announced the idea of convening a meeting of the “StatiGeneralidella lingua italiana” around the world in Florence in October, underscoring her belief in the “fundamental role” of the diplomacyof cities. For that reason, she said, she would make her contribution to organising a conference of mayors from around the world in Florence, 60 years on from the meeting of mayors from around the world organised on the initiative of Giorgio La Pira.