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Diplomazia e Dintorni segment of Tuesday 18 November on Ethics and Diplomacy

The next segment of the radio programme “Diplomazia e Dintorni”, conducted by Stefano Baldi and broadcast by Radio Luiss, will air on Tuesday 18 November at 20:00, and will treat the theme of Diplomacy and Ethics.

What are ethics and why do they have an important role in diplomatic activities? Is there a difference between ethics and morality? Is it possible to speak about an “ethical diplomacy”? These and other questions will be the focus of the 5th of the programme’s segments, whose guest will be Ambassador Roberto Toscano.

In addition to being a diplomat who has held many prestigious posts (head of the foreign ministry’s Policy Planning, Italian ambassador to Iran and to India) Roberto Toscano is also a much-esteemed foreign policy scholar who has dealt extensively with ethics in international relations in many of his writings. He is also an editorial columnist on international policy for daily newspaper La Stampa

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