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Dei – Argentina 56 new models presented at the Buenos Aires motor show

Fifty-six new models of cars, pick-up trucks and commercial vehicles were presented at the Buenos Aires Motor Show. The event attracted some of the world’s leading automobile companies, such as Ram, Chery, Nissan, Scania, Audi, Peugeot, Mercedes, Smart, Volkswagen, Renault, Ferrari, Maserati, Honda, Jeep, Fiat, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and Lifan, the Chinese carmaker. Lifan announced at the show that it plans to begin selling its vehicles in Argentina.

The car industry is and remains strategic for the Argentine government. It is fostering technological investment to revitalise the sector, which since 2014 has been suffering as a result of regional economic conditions and, most notably, the collapse in exports to Brazil.

In spite of the difficult economic situation, the outlook for recovery in the sector appear very good. In 2020, production in Argentina is expected to reach 1 million vehicles (from 600,000 in 2014). Argentina is also the leading country in the region in terms of vehicles per inhabitant, with one for every 3.8 people.