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Farnesina: Intellectual property, Chinese delegation in Rome

Meetings at the Farnesina with the main institutions and business associations working to combat counterfeiting and digital piracy

China looks to Italy as an example in the protection of intellectual property, as evidenced by a visit to Rome by a delegation from the legal affairs office of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China. The Legal Affairs Office will soon be embarking on the task of reforming Chinese criminal law in this area. The aim of the mission, which takes place under the cooperation programme between Brussels and Beijing, is to acquire more knowledge of the regulatory models in force in Europe in this sector. The choice of Italy as the EU country on which to model their reforms testifies to the dynamic nature of bilateral relations in the intellectual property sector, a relationship that has already been strengthened in the framework of the Italy-China Government Committee.

The study visit, on 12-13 November 2015, will include meetings at the Farnesina with the key Italian institutions and business associations working most actively to combat counterfeiting and digital piracy. The Chinese delegation will illustrate the project to reform their country’s criminal code with respect to intellectual property matters. And for its part, the Italian side will describe the instruments, especially under criminal law, and good practice adopted by Italy in combating this form of crime.

On the afternoon of Friday 13 November the Italian business representatives will have an opportunity to introduce some of the Italian enterprises or business organisations operating in China. They will also offer support, where appropriate, to the Chinese authorities in combating intellectual property crime. In recent years, the Chinese government has recognised the key role that intellectual property plays in fostering innovation, business growth and social and economic development, and has initiated action to combat digital piracy and counterfeiting. 

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