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Mexico – Italian Embassy sends mission to Playa del Carmen

An official from the Italian Embassy in Mexico City will be on a mission to Playa del Carmen on Feb. 3 and 4 to collect the fingerprints of fellow Italians applying for a passport. Similar missions will take place in other parts of the country over the coming months, all of which will be flagged up on the embassy website. The embassy has organised this initiative in partnership with the Italian Honorary Consul in Playa Del Carmen, Italo Sampablo. The aim is to make it easier for Italians to obtain a passport even when they live far from Mexico City and find it difficult to reach the capital.

Collecting the fingerprints of Italians applying for a passport

Similar missions took place in 2015 in various places around the country, including in Monterrey last November. However, the initiative is not solely a matter of carrying out the necessary paperwork but also seeks to confirm the active concern of the embassies for all Italians, not just those living in big cities. It also enables Italian diplomats to gain more detailed information and therefore greater knowledge about a specific geographical area. Indeed, this initiative is not confined to Mexico, but is happening throughout the Italian diplomatic network worldwide, especially in large countries with a big Italian population and a limited number of consular offices.

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