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Paris – Foreign Ministry seeks new director of Paris Italian Institute

The Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) in Paris is looking for a director of the “highest repute”. To this end, it has published a call for applications for a two-year term and renewable just once for an equal period. The new director, according to the call, will represent the Institute, maintain relationships with the cultural institutions and personalities of the host country, and will be in charge of the Institute’s cultural activities, planning and coordinating the activities and services within the framework of the functions of guidance and supervision provided for under Article 3 of Law 401 of 1990. In particular, the director will maintain relations with the relevant diplomatic mission, prepare the annual programme of activities and promote initiatives and events designed to represent the wealth and relevance of Italian culture in its various expressions. He or she will also ensure appropriate and specific language and cultural initiatives, with particular reference to the Italian community. He/she will see to the organisation of services and personnel management, the financial management and administration of the Institute and its assets and will prepare an annual report on the activities performed, which will be sent to the relevant diplomatic mission. Finally, he/she will also prepare the annual budget and the final balance, which will be submitted to the Ministry, through the relevant diplomatic mission.

Call for applications for director of the Italian Institute of Culture

Applicants must be Italian citizens aged between 30 and 65 years, possessing a number of characteristics: great cultural prestige, evidenced by their literary production and the initiatives performed during their career and by the reputation acquired in cultural circles or in the world of information and the media, in Italy and in the country of destination; proven expertise in the developing, organising and managing a comprehensive offer of cultural activities, also in partnership with companies that can sponsor the initiatives; expertise in the management of human and financial resources, including the ability to raise funds, acquired through the performance of activities over a reasonable period of time for public or private organisations; knowledge of the country of destination not solely on the basis of language skills or a study experience in the country but also particularly on the basis of the network of relations established locally; excellent knowledge of French and good English; lastly, the candidate must not have previously held the position referred to and there must be no reason making the candidate ineligible for the position. Expressions of interest must be submitted by Feb. 22, 2016 to Office IV of the Directorate General for Country Promotion (DGSP) of the Foreign Ministry.

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