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Brazil – “Occhio Mobile” (“Moving Eye”) exhibition on show in Sao Paulo

“Occhio mobile, linguaggi dell’arte cinetica italiana” (“Moving Eye, the Languages of Italian Kinetic Art in the 1950s -70s”), is the title of an exhibition scheduled in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from March 16 to May 1. It is organised by the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) in Sao Paulo and features 50 works including paintings, collages, videos, sculptures and other objects by major artists of Italian kinetic and optical art. The exhibition will span from Bruno Munari, a precursor in research on perception and an undisputed forerunner in design and the teaching of the arts, to the most renowned artists on the local scene who will take part individually and in groups, such as Gianni Colombo and other members of “Gruppo T” (Giovanni Anceschi, Davide Boriani, Gabriele De Vecchi, Grazia Varisco). “Occhio Mobile” will also display ten outfits designed by Fausto Sarli, illustrating the link between art and fashion. Following the inception of Kinetic Art in Europe in the 1930s, it became famous through the “Le mouvement” exhibition in Paris in 1955, which included works by Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Jesus Soto and Victor Vasarely. Later, in Italy, the poetics of kinetics was enhanced by programmed art with a calculus programme which enabled the formal chromatic variation of the sequences depicted, thus marking a major step in the consolidation of the genre and its dissemination across the Western world. The exhibition, which is one of the events of the Year of Italy in Latin America, has been displayed in several countries including Ecuador, Slovenia, Chile and Peru.

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