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DEI – Côte D’Ivoire passes a National Development Plan providing 44.8 bln euro investments

Côte d’Ivoire’s Government has passed a National Development Plan (NDP) setting out a 44.8 billion euro investment to promote industrialisation and generate common growth. The Government aims to turn Côte d’Ivoire into an Emerging Country by 2020. The Ivorian Government plans to recover 62% of the resources through the contribution of the private sector and the remaining 38% through domestic public resources or through the financing of technical and financial partners. The investments will specifically go to the sectors of power production, mining, hydrocarbons, roads, ports and airports, the agro-food industry and the construction of industrial districts, commercial facilities and tourism. A consistent part of the resources, approximately 16.7 billion euro, will be devoted to accelerating the structural transformation and industrialisation process by establishing competitive economic zones widely distributed over the territory and passing a regulatory and tax framework specifically targeted on companies. The reform of the Ivorian economic structure will leverage on modernising agriculture and the agro-food production chain, with the aim of increasing the level of processing of local commodities. The NDP allocates 34% of the financial resources to industrial development and more specifically to the energy, oil & gas and mining sectors, with investments in infrastructure in order to create the conditions for private industry to expand. The Plan also allocates 13.7 billion euros to the development of infrastructure and the protection of the environment, two billion of which will specifically go to expand infrastructure and transports, power production, water supplies and the rehabilitation of the environment.

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