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United States – Archaeology in the Mediterranean takes centre stage in Washington DC

A conference on “Archaeology in the Mediterranean Region: Economic Challenges for a Better Future”, promoted by the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington and organised by Roberto Nardi, will be held on 12 October concomitantly to the opening of the exhibition “The Ancient Giants of Mont’e Prama: From Stone Fragments to a New Image for Sardinia”.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Region of Sardinia, features a series of exclusive photographs of Mont’e Prama, portraying giant statues of archers, boxers, warriors and models of ‘nuraghe’ (cone-shaped stone towers) dating from the 9th-8th centuries B.C., that photographer Araldo De Luca took for the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) of Rome. At the conference, professors Nardi and Andreina Costanzi Cobau will present their conservation work on different monuments and archaeological sites in the Mediterranean region. They will also discuss the challenges still to be faced in order to preserve historical and cultural heritage. Professor Nardi is the founder of the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA), a private company specialized in the conservation of ancient monuments and archaeological sites. He has also directed over 50 projects and training courses in 14 countries. Professor Costanzi Cobau graduated in conservation of paintings at the Istituto Centrale del Restauro in Rome and joined the CCA in 1982. She is now a CCA partner and is in charge of mural painting conservation and related documentation.