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Germany – “The New Light of Emigration” becomes a permanent exhibition.

Inclusion, training and the culture of reception are at the core of the artistic project of a monumental 28 sqm work by Morena Antonucci, titled “The New Light of Emigration.” The painting exhibition opened in April 2016 at the Citizens Hall in the Municipality of Wolfsburg, in Germany. The project was hosted and promoted by the Association of Abruzzesi in Wolfsburg (chaired by Cav. Rocco Artale), in association with the Arbeit und Leben of Lower Saxony, and the Emigration Office at the Volkswagen offices in Wolfsburg. Today the work will find its permanent place at the town’s Hans Scharoun municipal theatre, one of Germany’s most important theatres, which bought it last year. The official presentation will take place at the Wolfsburg Theatre on 17 March at 5 p.m. at the attendance of the representatives of Italian and German institutions. The inauguration event – organised by the Hans Scharoun theatre (with its director Rainer Steinkamp) in partnership with the Italian Consular Agency in Wolfsburg – will be introduced by journalist Hans Karweik. The work is the fruit of the collaboration between sociologist Vittorio Di Salvatore and the artistic sensitivity of Antonucci who, by leveraging on the central role played by Italy’s culture of migration, reprocesses and rewrites social themes, with an autobiographical touch from her background as the daughter of Italian emigrants to Germany. The work raises the visitors’ awareness on the concept of inclusion and the forming of a context open to the culture of reception, metaphorically represented by the encounter between Italian and German wolves. In summary, the artist wants to launch a positive message on contemporary migration, focusing special attention on grasping the “light” that characterises and distinguishes the preceding form of Italian emigration which began in the ‘60s, from the present form which hit an apex after 2010, in a fully digitalised and globalised society that, according to the paintress, is headed toward a “rosier” future than in the past.    

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