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Ugo Nespolo’s “Time after Time” exhibition kicks off in Montenegro

As part of the celebrations of the 71st Anniversary of the Italian Republic, the Centre of Contemporary Art (Dvorak Petrovica) of Montenegro will host the “Time after Time” exhibition by Ugo Nespolo. The exhibition, which is co-organised by the Italian Embassy in Montenegro and the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade in partnership with FriArte-Roma, will display 70 works by one of Italy’s most renowned artists. The exhibition, curated by Ermenegildo Frioni, with the contribution of art critics Pasquale Lettieri and Marcello Palminteri, is a juicy opportunity for a critical review, as Lettieri wrote in the introduction, because it gives access to the places in which the star artist converts into a craftsman to invent his tricks and props, confiding that no one will ever come to know them because woe betide the star that steps down from his pedestal and reveals to be as human as everybody else, as the unending circle of modernity does not contemplate this option. In Marcello Palminteri’s opinion, Ugo Nespolo’s painting is a type of artwork in which the artist takes ownership of every social and cultural reference, every pop and cult citation, delving into his work as if through the lens of a movie camera and transforms it into composition layouts structured into sequences of overlapping planes orbiting around him, as in a virtual puzzle in which every reference to reality crashes, exploding into a virtuoso performance that reminds us of feats in  instrumental, singing, cinematographic, sports and circus performances. In a nutshell: narrating, through the lens of imagination, the theatre of the world. The exhibition will run until 28 June 2017.

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