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Venezuela – Caracas: Lights on “Disìo. Nostalgia of the future”

An intergenerational, transmedia narrative and multicultural exhibition entitled “Disìo.  Nostalgia of the  future” will stay open to the public in Caracas until Sunday 9 July at the premises of the Italian Cultural Institute in the capital city. Curated by Antonello Tolve (with the contribution of Carolina Balzae Félix Suazo and the cooperation of Patricia Hambrona and Narda Zapata), the exhibition is orgnised into three sections – “La presenza del Futuro” [The presence of the future], “Tornare” [Going back] and  “Passato prossimo” [Immediate Past ]. Each section is to be read as the confluence of the others. The “Disìo”project , a word taken from Dante (Purgatorio, VIII, vv. 1-3: «Era già l’ora che volge il disio») identifies a feeling of ‘saudade’ , nostalgia, and wants to open a debate on the state of the art.  The exhibition reveals levels of cultural participation, linguistic contamination, necessary coexistence and basic evocation of unterschiedlich (Nietzsche). As such, it encourages visitors to reflect on a set of contemporary phenomena that, originating in the drive to globalisation, welcome a blending of styles, expressions and creative formulas.

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