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Vogliamo Tutto: Postwar Italian art the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles

Post-World War II Italian art was enlivened by an important wave of renewal. Artists started experimenting with traditional artistic forms and styles, renovating them with a touch of provocation. It was called ‘Arte Povera’ (“Poor Art”) and it replaced the stones and precious metals of traditional sculptures with materials of everyday use and radically innovated the design sector.   

The curator of the event, Marianna Vecellio, the Artistic Director at the New Museum in New York, Massimiliano Gioni, the professor of Italian Language and Gender Studies at UCLA, Lucia Re, art historian Jaleh Mansoor, and the Hammer Museum Chief Curator, Connie Butler, will discuss the social and cultural context which gave rise to the artistic school of thought of Marisa Merz, the only female member of Italy’s Arte Povera movement.

Co-organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles and by the Hammer Museum as a supplement to the Hammer Museum exhibition: “Marisa Merz: The Sky is a Great Space”.