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Berne: Lecture on Beauty, Nature and Problem-Solving

The brilliant results achieved by Italian researchers in Switzerland, their potential for mobility and the efforts made by Italy’s economic system to grow in the sector of innovation, were the focus of a lecture organised by the Italian Embassy in Berne to celebrate the Italian Research Day in the World. The lecture delivered by Professor Alessio Figalli entitled “The Beauty of Nature and the Art of Problem-Solving” was attended by professors from the University of Berne and members of the Society of Italian Academicians in Switzerland (SAIS), as well as by students from other Swiss universities of non-Italian-speaking communities.

The lecture falls within the scope of the science promotion activities launched by the Italian Embassy. After a lecture by the Italian Institute of Technology last January to the University of Basle on the Institute’s activities in Life Sciences addressed to an audience of researchers, top executives of Novartis, Roche and Venture Funds, Cluster SeT recently launched a project at the Italy-Switzerland Forum of Dialogue aimed at creating an Italian-Swiss Virtual Campus to launch new research activities in the area of training and technology transfer. Lastly, in July, a delegation consisting of representatives of Italian public research agencies will attend the World Conference of Science Journalists in Lausanne, a precious opportunity to give visibility to the latest results achieved by our institutions and transmit a more up-to-date image of Italy.

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