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Italian Economic Diplomacy 22 April: breaking news from around the World

UNITED STATES – Sparkle extends its Virtual Network Access Point service coverage

Sparkle has extended the coverage of its Virtual NAP service, offering access to the DE-CIX Internet Exchange Points in New York and Dallas.

Virtual NAP provides operators with virtual access to the major Internet Exchange Points, without the client having to implement and manage owned infrastructures or sustain colocation costs.

Following an extension to the agreement with DE-CIX, Sparkle offers access to DE-CIX Exchange Points in New York and Dallas, in addition to the European Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) already reached by the Virtual NAP service. This will allow clients to exchange traffic with more than 350 networks already connected via the two sites in the USA.

This service, aimed mainly at Internet Service Providers (ISP), and North American suppliers of content and applications, is also available to South American operators, thanks to the ultra-fast, protected connections offered by Sparkle on its American trunk route, which includes new-generation Curie cables in the Pacific and Seabras-1 cables in the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, operators already using the DE-CIX internet exchanges will be able to benefit from the global connectivity offered by the Sparkle network, thanks to the transit service, IP Seabone, the DDoS Mitigation & Cleaning solutions that allows Seabone clients to protect their networks, and the City2City transport solutions, for dedicated, secure capacities to the major cities in the world.

DE-CIX’s New York and Dallas sites have been added to the American exchange points already interconnected with the Sparkle network, located in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, San Paolo, Rio De Janeiro, and Santiago in Chile, thereby extending the Virtual NAP service’s coverage in America.

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