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Iraq: Mogherini-Pinotti approve humanitarian mission for northern populations

An Italian mission on behalf of the populations of northern Iraq was approved by Foreign and Defence Ministers Mogherini and Pinotti. A 6-flight air bridge has been arranged through UNICEF to bring 36 tonnes of water, 14 tonnes of protein biscuits, 200 tents and 400 sleeping bags.

The Minister for Defence has made a C130J Air Force transport plane available, complete with crew and Army specialists.

“The plane, which is already in the area, will be used to deliver the Italian Cooperation humanitarian aid to the displaced persons and refugees threatened by the Islamic State who have taken refuge in the UN camps in northern Iraq”, Ministers Mogherini and Pinotti explained. “A total of 50 tonnes of water and food supplies, in addition to 200 tents and 400 sleeping bags from the Italian WFP warehouse in Dubai are to be distributed”.

The plan calls for two flights on 16 August, for a delivery of 20 tonnes of water and 8 of biscuits, another flight on 17 August (10 tonnes of water and 4 of biscuits), one on 18 August (6 tonnes water and 2 biscuits), a flight on 19 August (100 tents and 200 sleeping bags) and a final one on 20 August (100 tents and 200 sleeping bags).

This new operation follows emergency aid earmarks already announced in recent weeks: 980 million euros to WHO, WFP and UNICEF, and one million for activities organised on the ground by Italian NGOs with the help of the Italian embassy in Baghdad.

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