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Farnesina advisories on safe traveling

The new versions of the Foreign Ministry’s Crisis Unit websites Viaggiare Sicuri ( and Dove Siamo nel Mondo ( ) – both dedicated to safety while traveling – are on-line as of today. The sites were developed in collaboration with the Automobile Club of Italy (ACI), and their launch coincides with the launch of a TV and radio campaign promoted by the Farnesina’s Department for Information and Publishing. The campaign’s spokesperson is noted journalist and television host Alberto Angela.

The two websites are important reference points for travellers and the foreign ministry recommends checking them carefully when choosing where and when to travel.

Viaggiare securi (Safe Travelling) offers information and advice on travelling in various parts of the world and all eventual security risks to tourists.

Dove siamo nel mondo (Where we are in the world) is an instrument the Farnesina strongly urges travellers to use, by which they can register a trip abroad before leaving with all the elements necessary to obtain information and be traced in the case of an emergency in the country they have chosen to visit.

The Home Page of Viaggiare Securi has a section called “ULTIM’ORA” (Latest News) on the security situation in various countries. There is also a section devoted to health information created by the “Lazzaro Spallanzani” National Institute for Infectious Diseases of Rome. Each country has a separate page divided into the sections dealing with general information, security, health and mobility.

Dove Siamo nel Mondo has new sections dedicated to specific categories of traveller that make it easier for Italian nationals to register their presence in foreign countries.


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