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Libya: Leon’s text is a step forwards, says Gentiloni. Negotiations must resume after Eid.

“The text of the political agreement, with its annexes, presented by the United Nations Special Envoy for Libya, Bernardino Leon, is a new, important step in the negotiations to form a Government of National Accord”. The statement was made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Paolo Gentiloni.

“The Libyan parties taking part in the talks have made an effort to draw nearer to a compromise solution. Now all the parties must return to the negotiating table immediately after the Eid festivity with a renewed determination to complete the agreement as quickly as possible. They must identify the leaders of an inclusive and representative government”, continued Gentiloni.

“At this point, when we are so near to the result that the Libyan population and the international community have been awaiting for so many months with growing anxiety, any backwards step would be inconceivable. It would signify further instability and violence, the further spread of terrorism and the trafficking of migrants. It would irredeemably undermine the work done thus far. Any party that withdrew from the agreement now or placed further obstacles in its way would have to assume the grave responsibility of losing all credibility in the eyes of the Libyan population and excluding themselves from the international community”, continued the Minister.

“Italy is ready to support the future government and will make every effort to help rebuild a stable, secure and developed Libya”, concluded Minister Gentiloni. 

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