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Alfano: “Disclosing the truth on the Regeni case remains our priority”

Minister Alfano: “Our decision is mostly motivated by the conviction that Ambassador Cantini, through top-level relations with the relevant Egyptian authorities, will contribute to strengthening judicial cooperation and intensifying every activity useful in making progress in investigation activities, leaving no area unexplored.

The fact that Egypt is an unavoidable interlocutor on issues of primary importance for Italy, such as the stabilisation of Libya and the fight against terrorism, does not mean that Italy intends to turn the page as to pursuing the truth on the murder of Giulio Regeni. Quite the opposite: I will give Ambassador Cantini a mission letter containing a long list of recommendations on following step by step the developments in the investigations into the case that we so have at heart. In this sense, the initiatives that our Ambassador will undertake will touch upon three aspects: political and diplomatic; against oblivion; in support of humanitarian actions.  

The political and diplomatic aspect includes the decision to send to Cairo an Italian expert in charge of managing judicial cooperation on the Regeni case.

Giulio will not be forgotten: with a view to combating oblivion, the Italo-Egyptian University and the auditorium of the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo will be named after him; and commemorative ceremonies will be held on the day of his disappearance in all of Italy’s institutional offices in Egypt.

We are also taking actions to have Giulio commemorated by the participants at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Spain.  

At humanitarian level, Italy will increase the number of development cooperation projects that it finances in the field of protecting and promoting human rights.

The above are only some of the initiatives and recommendations that I intend to write in the mission letter to Ambassador Cantini, reaffirming the will to pursue the truth in the murder of Giulio Regeni, in a spirit of cooperation between the investigating agencies of the two Countries.”

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