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Pact for Export: Mr Di Stefano, a leap forward in method and innovation

During the signing ceremony of the “Pact for export”, which took place today at the Foreign Ministry, the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs with responsibility for the Internationalisation of Enterprises, Mr Manlio Di Stefano, reviewed the great work done in the last three months to lay the foundations for the recovery of our export as a response to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

“Together with all the main players in the process of internationalisation of the Country System – Mr Di Stefano stated – we have made a real ‘leap forward’, both in terms of method and in a perspective of strategic vision for the future.

On the method, bringing together in a sort of continuous comparison all the trade associations in the Sectorial Table, we have shared our strategies, listened to the companies and included their suggestions in the Pact: it is a methodology that is in some ways innovative, but which shows how inclusive the Government’s strategy wants to be.

On the second level, that of the strategic vision for the future, we believed with conviction that Covid challenge would provide an unmissable opportunity: leading the drive for innovation, digitisation and training of our companies, especially SMEs, which must find their way to withstand the new challenges of globalisation”.


“This answer coming from the Foreign Ministry shows how we are not at all “Little Italy”, hit and sunk, as some would like us to be, but a great country, a great people and one of the largest exporting industries in the world”.