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Sereni at OSCE, extend dialogue and cooperation on security with our Mediterranean partners

“The OSCE Countries and their partners in the Mediterranean are dealing with a challenge that is unprecedented in terms of nature and extent – a turning point that calls for a response based on ever greater international cooperation and solidarity”. This was stated by Vice Minister Marina Sereni, taking part in the Annual Mediterranean Conference for OSCE, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, by video conference.

“Even before Covid-19”, explained Ms Sereni, “the Mediterranean was facing questions of great importance for safeguarding our joint security. Terrorism, which at this very time is tragically raising its ugly head, is without a doubt one of these. However, to it we must add political and economic instability, illegal migration, illicit traffic and degradation of the environment. The pandemic has exacerbated all of these challenges”.

“In the face of this crisis,” continued the Vice Minister, “we must grasp the opportunity to deal with inequalities in the Mediterranean Area in general, as well as health and education issues, in order to promote a green economy based on sustainable development and to step up the efforts required to mitigate the effects of climate change. Creating a common front in this regard means setting up a long-lasting way out of the crisis, while strengthening democracy and the rule of law, and safeguarding human rights”.

“With its global impact, the current pandemic has made the need for international cooperation even more urgent, and highlights the need to recognise the interdependence of Euro/Atlantic, Eurasian, and Euro/Mediterranean security. For this reason, starting from our Organisation’s principles and values, the OSCE Countries must make every effort to engage in greater and more in-depth dialogue and cooperation with our Mediterranean partners,” concluded Ms Sereni.

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