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UN: Sereni, strengthen peacebuilding activities during the pandemic

“As Secretary-General Guterres recently said, ‘The pandemic has demonstrated the fragility of our world’. Keeping violence in conflict under control has become more difficult everywhere. As a result, the importance of UN peacebuilding activities has increased considerably. This the statement of Vice Foreign Minister Marina Sereni, speaking at the UN Peacebuilding Fund Refinancing Conference.

“Crisis prevention, political solutions and action for sustainable peace: these – Sereni continued – are the priorities for the UN and its member states. We have no better tool than peacebuilding to achieve these goals and to avoid all human suffering, psychological and material consequences of conflicts. So far, the UN Peacebuilding Fund has contributed to promoting peace and security, development, justice, and human rights in many countries. Its multidimensional and inclusive approach,” said Vice Minister Sereni, “is supported by Italy. We share the importance of valuing local communities and collaboration between the UN and regional actors in peacebuilding efforts. But, as the Secretary-General said, ‘a qualitative leap forward’ is necessary for the Fund’s financing. An increase is needed to support the Peacebuilding Strategy 2020-2024. In this regard, Italy has always contributed to the Fund in recent years and – concluded Sereni – will continue to guarantee its commitment in future”.

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