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Agreement signed between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to expedite the PNRR “Roots Tourism” Project

Today, 11 February, the Director General of the Mission Unit for the Implementation of the PNRR at the Ministry of Culture, Angelantonio Orlando, and the Director General for Italians Abroad at the Farnesina, Luigi Maria Vignali, signed an Agreement that officially expedites the PNRR project titled: “Roots tourism – an integrated strategy for the recovery of the tourism sector in post-Covid-19 Italy”, thanks to the technical support and guidance provided by the Central Service for the PNRR.

The project falls within the scope of the investments for the “Attractiveness of Villages” project of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and proposes a wide range of tourism offers targeted on the large number of people of Italian descent and Italian natives living around the world (estimated at approximately 80 million). The strongly innovative initiative was developed by the Farnesina and the Ministry of Culture through the contribution of an ad hoc Roots Tourism Taskforce that was established in 2018 in association with the Regions, Local Authorities, Universities and research centre, museums and libraries, tour operators and Italian communities abroad.

The Italian communities living abroad will thus be targeted worldwide both to promote our tourism offer and to involve them in a well-structured strategy aimed at reversing the depopulation trend in Italian villages. Finding their roots will enable them to make an “all-around experience” in their places of provenance, offering visitors the opportunity to repossess their original culture through traditions, testimonials, crafts and food: an emotional journey aimed at recognizing and promoting the identity factor of our Country and to actively support the post-Covid relaunching of our tourism and our economy.