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The Quirinal Treaty enters into force (1 February 2023)

Entrata in vigore del Trattato del Quirinale
Entrata in vigore del Trattato del Quirinale

Today, 1 February 2023, the Treaty between the Italian Republic and the French Republic for Enhanced Bilateral Cooperation, known as the Quirinal Treaty, officially enters into force.

Just over a year after it was signed on 26 November 2021, the Treaty seals the strategic relationship between Italy and France, a relationship deeply rooted in our shared history and looking to the future. Past and present challenges have taught us that strengthening our bilateral cooperation is the best way to protect the interests of our national communities in Europe and around the world.

The already good cooperation between the Italian and French administrations can now be translated into new joint initiatives and increased common work in the EU, in line with the special responsibility of Italy and France as founding members.

Their common commitment in the EU will ensure that Italy and France exploit the synergies between their respective positions in Europe, while preventing or resolving potential disagreements.

With this Treaty, Italy and France want to give new impetus to the European project in order to tackle the many challenges that are at the forefront of our citizens’ concerns and that only a more united Europe can address.



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