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Undersecretary Giorgio Silli meets the Secretary of State for Romanian Citizens Abroad Gheorghe Carciu

The Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Giorgio Silli, met with the Secretary for Romanian citizens abroad, Gheorghe Carciu, at the Farnesina today.

The interests of the Italian community in Romania and the Romanian community in Italy were the focus of the meeting.

“I developed deep empathy with my colleague Gheorghe Carciu during the meeting, building on fruitful exchanges of good practices on the enhancement of our national communities abroad,” said Undersecretary Silli. “Today’s fruitful exchange of views is part of a common path that Italy and Romania are following to further strengthen the already excellent bilateral relations we have within the framework of our strategic partnership. This starts from the protection of our national communities permanently living in the respective countries,” added Silli. “The Italian community and businesses in Romania and the Romanian community in Italy contribute every day to the richness of our bilateral relations, at both a civil society and a political-institutional level,” said Undersecretary Silli. The meeting also focused on Rome’s candidacy to host Expo 2030, on which the interlocutor’s strong interest was noted.

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