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Meeting at the Foreign Ministry with Grulag Italia and IILA in view of the 12th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference

Within the framework of the relaunch of relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, an initial coordination meeting was held at the Foreign Ministry with the Embassies of the countries in the region present in Rome (in the Grulag Italia format) and the Italo-Latin American International Organisation (IILA) to begin discussions on the topics of the 12th Italy-Latin America and Caribbean Conference scheduled to take place in 2025.

As established by Law No. 173/2014, the Conference is convened by the Foreign Ministry every two years, in collaboration with IILA, to strengthen the development of Italy’s relations with countries in the Latin American region. The region is a priority for Italy by virtue of the shared values and traditional ties strengthened over decades, also thanks to the presence of our emigrants and the numerous Latin American communities in our country.

Today, for Italy, the region is more than ever a strategic area for tackling together the main global issues, starting from the defence of democratic values; human rights and the fight against inequalities; sustainable development and growth; the fight against climate change; the opportunities and challenges of technological innovation; the fight against organised crime and the defence of multilateralism and the international system based on  shared rules.



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