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G7 Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting at the Farnesina

After a first virtual session in February, the second meeting of the G7 Anti-Corruption Working Group (G7/ACWG) – which was launched this year under the Italian Presidency – was held at the International Conference Hall of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome on 24 June. The work was launched on the instructions of the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Tajani to achieve increasingly ambitious, concrete goals in the prevention and suppression of all forms of corruption.

The work allowed for a round table discussion on experiences and good practices in the field of international anti-corruption technical assistance. Particular attention was paid to coordination and support programmes for international judicial and jurisdictional activities, as developed by Italy under the leadership of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and through the Italian-Latin American Organisation/IILA – such as the European initiative EL PACCTO 2.0 and the Falcone Borsellino programme for Latin America.

On the occasion, the G7 anti-corruption working group met with a delegation from the inter-institutional anti-corruption coordination table – which was established at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2016 – with the participation of over twenty central administrations and civil society organisations. During the event, the importance of the G7 High-Level Principles document on international technical assistance in the field of anti-corruption, as officially approved by the Leaders in the Final Communiqué of the Borgo Egnazia Summit, was recalled.

The incoming Canadian presidency will continue anti-corruption activities in 2025 along the lines outlined by Italy this year.