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The Foreign Ministry promotes roots tourism

Today the Foreign Ministry presented a promotional event with an innovative take on the so-called “roots tourism”: journeys to our Country by Italians and by people of Italian descent residing abroad to rediscover their roots and their family history, their land of birth, cultural traditions, crafts and food and wine products. Through this “roots tourism” people intend to strengthen their ties with Italy, contribute to sustainable growth at regional level, and mobilise resources for the conservation of our Country’s architectural, historic and cultural heritage, in line with the Foreign Ministry’s “The Italian Way of Life” promotional activities. This tourism model may concern a potential target of between 60 and 80 million people of Italian descent who intend to re-establish contacts with their families’ place of origin and spark a sense of belonging to their roots.      

Based on this consideration and in the pursuit of synergy at operational level, this event was promoted by the Directorate General for Italians Abroad in partnership with the Directorate General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, ASMEF and Raiz Italiana. “Roots tourism represents an extraordinary opportunity to open Italy to new flows of visitors and to promote Italian sites and hamlets not yet touched by mass tourism,” said Director General Vignali. He added: “Moreover, Italian citizens and people of Italian descent are the top consumers of local artisanal products, the proceeds of which are entirely reabsorbed into the local economic development.”

In his speech, the Director General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, Vincenzo de Luca said: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has launched an integrated promotion strategy called “The Italian Way of Life”, which pools together all the qualities expressed by the cultural, economic, and social fabric of our regions and is underpinned by the core action performed by the overseas diplomatic and consular network and Italian Cultural Institutes to promote the image and the points of excellence of Italy abroad.”  

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