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Del Re: Migrants – evacuation from Libya a must


​Speaking at the Global Summit on Refugees in Geneva, Deputy Minister Del Re called for “an international initiative to promote the Italian model of humanitarian corridors for a more comprehensive migration policy, in particular to ensure the evacuation of migrants from Libya”. Del Re presented the government’s lines of action on its migration and reception of refugees policy, and promoted the creation of humanitarian corridors as a program to be adopted at European level. “A joint initiative is needed to continue the evacuation operations of refugees from Libya in 2020, Italy cannot continue on its own”, said Del Re, inviting the international community, in particular the European states, to join the project, with the involvement of civil society. The Vice Minister then recalled some initiatives that the Italian government has supported: over 800 immigrants were evacuated in this last year from Libya and Italy is the only country in the world that has engaged in this activity. Another 2,500 aid recipients arrived in Italy from Ethiopia, Jordan and Niger. Del Re finally mentioned the University Corridors project which envisages scholarships for beneficiaries from Ethiopia and Jordan in 2020.


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