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Della Vedova: respect of human rights is central to combating organised crime

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Benedetto Della Vedova, opened the event organised by ISPI in partnership with PMI IMPACT, on “Rethinking international cooperation against trafficking”. The event is the first in a series of “regional meetings” in the run up to the seventh edition of the MED Dialogues.

The event, held behind closed doors, was attended by all the most relevant national and international actors, featuring Italian Institutions and International Organisations, the private sector, the academic community and law enforcement agencies. The event served as an opportunity for an in-depth examination of the increasingly important issue of illegal trafficking, in view of the multiple implications this has on the security landscape in the context of the enlarged Mediterranean, especially in relation to the very close ties with organised crime and terrorist groups.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that the pandemic crisis has reminded us that multilateralism is the only way forward. “We must strengthen international cooperation. We must develop strategies to address the root causes that lead to organised crime and strengthen cooperation between law enforcement and judicial actors in the different countries”.

“Italy”, he continued, “attaches the utmost importance to international cooperation in the fight against transnational challenges, as demonstrated by our commitment to the Palermo Convention on Transnational Organized Crime. Today, by launching the Review Mechanism – which Italy has strongly promoted – we are particularly committed to ensuring that the Convention remains a living instrument, capable of adapting to the evolving security scenario.”

“Last but not least” – the Deputy Minister concluded – “our actions should always be guided by respect for the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms. This is central to our efforts in preventing and countering organised crime, even in exceptional circumstances such as the current pandemic.”

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