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Syria; Vice Minister Sereni, attain peace valorising women’s role

“Italy is committed to the stabilisation of Syria, and backs every action that aims to promote security, dialogue, and reconciliation in the Country. After the failure of the fifth meeting of the small Group of the Constitutional Committee, work must go on in relation to the other points of Resolution 2254, such as setting up mutual trust-building measures and initiatives for free and transparent elections, supervised by the United Nations. The humanitarian dimension and dialogue with the various warring factions are also very important for ensuring assistance to the population. Italy confirmed its commitment to the tune of Euro 45 million at the Brussels Conference”. This was stated at the webinar on Syria, organised by the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network (MWMN), by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marina Sereni.

“In the war that has afflicted Syria for 10 years now,” went on Vice Minister Sereni, “women have been the pillars that have shored up survival of the social fabric, thanks to their tireless work for dialogue and peace. However, their role is not recognised as highly in the negotiations. And yet,” pointed out the Vice Minister, “peace can only be attained if the negotiations and implementation of the agreements involve all segments of society, beginning with the women and youth. In fact, there is ample proof of the fact that, when women are directly involved in negotiations, it is much easier to reach sustainable, long-lasting peace agreements. It is by no mere chance that UN resolution 2254 refers to the importance of the role of women for sustainable peace in Syria, urging their significant involvement in the decision-making process and political dialogue. For this reason,” explained Vice Minister Sereni, “the special envoy Pedersen insisted very strongly that the Constitutional Committee have a minimum threshold of one third female representation. This goal was almost reached with a level of 27 percent. It’s still not enough, but it is certainly a step in the right direction”.

“Italy,” the Vice Minister went on, “actively supports the involvement of women in the Syrian political process, as it believes that the social fabric of that Country cannot be put together again without their active contribution. There is no peace without inclusion, there is no peace without the women. The hope is that, in the near future, when fighting ceases in Syria and security is reinstated,” concluded Vice Minister Sereni, “their role and involvement in consolidating and promoting reconstruction of the Country will be shown to be essential in this new, positive scenario as well, as has already happened during the conflict”.

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