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Cooperation; Deputy Minister Sereni to the Joint Committee

Deputy Minister Marina Sereni chaired the third annual meeting of the Joint Committee for Development Cooperation, which was attended by the Director General for Development Cooperation, Giorgio Marrapodi, and the Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Luca Maestripieri. Luigi Maria Vignali, Director General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies, presented an information note on the Migration Fund. The Committee was also attended by representatives of the other Administrations with competence for the topics addressed, the Conference of the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces, and the representative associations of the local authorities.

During the meeting, spending commitments of more than 28 million euros were approved, mainly for contributions to international organisations active in the field of Development Cooperation, along with two development initiatives, one in Burkina Faso and the other in Cuba. The ranking list of the Public Notice for the granting of contributions to initiatives presented by territorial authorities by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, on the subject of Territorial Partnerships and territorial implementation of the 2030 Agenda, was also extended.

“In addition to the contributions approved today” said the Deputy Minister at the end of the meeting “more than 17 million euros have also been approved in recent weeks, in response to humanitarian emergencies”.

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