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Di Maio, Italy ready for tourists, no blacklist (Ansa)

“From June 3rd, Italy will start again at 360 degrees. We will be able to move between the regions and we are ready to welcome safely European citizens who want to spend their holidays in Italy. Our facilities are ready, prepared and in the vanguard”. This is how Minister Luigi Di Maio addressed his counterparts from some EU countries, including Germany and Austria, at a summit on tourist traffic.

“It is inadmissible that there are blacklists between EU countries. If we do not change direction, there will be serious economic repercussions on the tourism sector of all European countries, not only Italy”.

Shortly before, his German counterpart Heiko Mass had stressed after the videoconference with the 10 countries that represent the pro-rata destinations of the Germans during the summer holidays that “with Italy and Spain, countries particularly affected by the coronavirus and where many limitations are still in force, we must continue to talk.

The trends of contagion are improving in many European countries, Maas said among other things. “I hope that everyone can have the situation under control at some point, so that we can travel again to all countries without restrictions. But I do not know if it will be possible for everyone this summer,” he added. “We will be very cautious – the minister stressed again – “we do not want to give the impression that everything will be the same, no matter where we go”.

“Well my colleague Heiko Maas – Di Maio affirmed again – who, like us, believes that bilateral agreements on tourist traffic are against the EU spirit. We must work together. We will provide all countries with a weekly report region by region. Italy is ready and frank”.



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