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Belgrade: Concert by pianist Alessandra Celletti

The Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade, in partnership with the Kolarac Foundation, organised an important concert at the Foundation’s Gallery. On stage was Italian pianist Alessandra Celletti, an all-round artist. After graduating from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, Alessandra Celletti has performed in Italy but also in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Denmark and Spain.

Her training began with classical music although her musical and artistic experiences multiplied with sudden shifts into a very personal and creative musical world of her own. In 2006 she published the album “Chi mi darà le ali” (“Who will give me wings?”), in 2007 the “The Golden Fly” with the Kha Records label; in 2008 the album “Way Out” for the British LTM Recordings, in which the fullness of the sound of the piano merges with the rhythm of the drums and voice. In 2009 she composed and recorded the album “Sustanza di cose sperata” for the American label Transparency. In 2011, she published “Crazy Girl Blue” and, in the same year, with German surrealist artist Jaan Patterson, Celletti composed the album-soundtrack to accompany the release of Georges Bataille’s “W.C.” for Transeuropa, the historic publishing company founded by Pier Vittorio Tondelli. In the summer of 2013, Alessandra Celletti toured Italy with her piano loaded on a truck on the interesting “piano piano on the road” project. The whole tour was made into a documentary directed by

Marco Carlucci and produced by PrimaFilm, which was selected to compete in the Edmonton International Film Festival in Canada and at the Festival Zagreb Dox in Croatia. The trailer of the documentary won the 21st edition of the “Premio Roma Videoclip – Il Cinema incontra la Musica”, while the documentary won the “DOC Travel” contest at the 11th edition of the Festival del Viaggio of Florence. In 2018, for Istituto Luce, she composed the music for the documentary “Nel nome di Antea” directed by Massimo Martella, which is dedicated to the story of works of art during World War II.  

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