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Exhibition on the Life and Works of Leonardo Da Vinci opens in Sofia​

An educational and informative exhibition on the life and works of the Italian artist and all-round genius Leonardo Da Vinci, has opened in Sofia thanks to the support of the Italian Embassy in cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in the capital city. The show comprises 14 colour panels accompanied by short texts in Italian and Bulgarian and is designed to be on display in schools, universities and public spaces in Bulgaria. Its aim is to tell the story of the inventive imagination and unquenchable curiosity of Leonardo Da Vinci who is regarded as the prime exemplar of the Italian Renaissance. “Il genio gentile” (The Kind Genius), which is the title of the exhibition, was a painter, sculptor, engineer, anatomist, musician and much more proving himself in every area of human knowledge. The exhibition, which was conceived and created by Stefano Baldi and Luigina Peddi, reproduces several of Leonardo’s drawings but also his paintings. It was displayed at the 105 Atanas Dalchev High School in Sofia, where Italian is part of the curriculum, and is currently on view at the New Bulgaria University (NBU) of Sofia, where it was officially opened by the Ambassador of Italy, Stefano Baldi. To mark the Italian Republic Day on 2 June, the show will be on display at the Italian Embassy and subsequently it will be hosted at the “Ivan Dalchev” School in Plovdiv, the National Library in Sofia and the Library of Plovdiv.       ​