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Ms. Del Re thanks the men and women of the Italian Cooperation Services

Dear Everyone,

we are all strongly committed to overcoming this unprecedented crisis for the entire world; the government, which is responsible for adopting the most appropriate measures for containing the contagion and reducing its adverse economic and social effects, and each citizen, who is responsible for strictly observing these measures. At such a critical time we cannot and must not think that we are alone. Although, at present, we may feel vulnerable from a medical, social and economic point of view, we must look at the world as a single common home.

It is praiseworthy that you carry on your precious activities, despite feeling apprehension about the conditions of your relatives and friends in Italy. It is a noble and generous choice by those who work far from home, in often difficult environments, at a time when our country is hard hit by this emergency. Yet, once again, this bears testimony to Italy’s empathy towards the world, in the knowledge that this terrible war against the coronavirus must be tackled with a global approach, in different places, on various fronts but with equal effectiveness.

Complicated months await us, which will probably also entail a redefinition of the initiatives and the entire planning of Development Cooperation activities, in light of the emergency underway, according to new priorities, but always based on the same great values ​​that inspire us all. Beyond any future changes, which will be put into place according to the changing circumstances, our current choice not to stop the work in progress, neither in Rome nor on the ground, is truly commendable, especially considering those who work in distant and fragile countries.

Therefore, I wish to express my understanding of the needs and expectations of the Agency staff, especially those engaged abroad, to whom I personally feel close. The Foreign Ministry will not fail to offer constant operational and diplomatic support, both through the network of embassies and consulates, and through the Ministry departments. We must have full confidence in the instructions received from the AICS office in Rome, which will be constantly updated in coordination with the Ministry and myself, working closely also with the Italian Cooperation System as a whole, which is a large and beautiful community.

In this regard, I would like to share a concept in which I deeply believe. People acquire meaning in the community. A principle, the value of community life, which Italians have always wholeheartedly applied, better than others. There are many strategies that we can adopt, whether individually and through targeted policies, to enlarge this community of which we are a part. We cannot do this alone but together with the world, because this is what the world that loves us is asking from us.

I hope that you may all continue your work with the same decisive impact for the destiny of the world that has become your hallmark – and which, I believe, is also a privilege – I embrace each and everyone of you.