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Dante in the schools, multimedia collection in Berlin and Bremen

A collection of multimedia projects on Dante Alighieri and his works has been produced by the schools of Berlin and Bremen: these projects, sent to the Education Department of the Italian Embassy in Berlin will be showcased in the celebrations of the 21st Week of the Italian Language in the World. This initiative highlights the most interesting works and is meant to illustrate the students’ responses, reactions and inspirations related to the theme of this year’s Italian Language Week, “Dante, the Italian”.

Children of the lower and upper grades, as well as their teachers, worked together, confirming the extraordinarily contemporary resonance of Dante 700 years after his death, and his incredible ability to arouse intense emotions even in the very young. 



Seven projects were presented, one for each day of the week, starting on October 18th with the e-book “The Adventures of Dante: a voyage through three reigns” (available on this link edited by Sabrina Nardelli (Italian teacher for Coasscit Hannover). 

On October 19, the entertainment will consist of a video entitled “Dante, the Italian. Sit-com…not a bit divine” (which can be viewed at this link, edited by Tiziana Pagliuca, teacher at the Herman Nohl Primary School in Berlin, class V S2).  

A “Lectura Dantis” on October 20, entitled “From Canto I of the Inferno” will feature the voices of children from Berlin and their encounter with the drawings and backdrops of their companions in Bremen, edited by Rossana Porrata (Finow/SESB Primary School, class IV C). On October 21, there will be a presentation of an e-book created in Berlin by Vanessa Pascocci who teaches a series of courses entitled “Bits of Culture”. In the sphere of these courses, on October 22, Simona Secchia has curated a program consisting of a video lesson for pre-school children, while on October 23, the subject of the project will be rhymes and drawings by German-speaking children (teachers Cecilia Cavallo and Anna Colapietro, of the H. Nohl Primary School in Berlin, second and third grade classes). At the end of the Week, on October 24, there will be a video lesson based on the theme of love in Dante, by the teachers Cristiana Navalesi and Arne Roß, class VII E, Einstein-Gymnasium, Berlin). 

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